Document and Workflow Management solutions

Revere offers comprehensive document and workflow management solution and consulting services for integrations with its client’s existing systems. Our solution has an open architecture, making integration with client’s existing systems and third party systems seamless.

Data Integration solutions

Integrating data from multiple systems, applications, or spreadsheets into a common solution for the tax function will help reduce significant time and effort, enabling tax departments to refocus its efforts on tax analysis, forecasting, and other high-priority activities.

Revere has experience in developing a single process for tax data transformation that can support multiple sources and targets, including relational databases, web services, applications, flat files, message queues, unstructured, semi-structured, mainframe, and XML data formats.

Tax Compliance solutions

Revere is offering tailored compliance solution to better serve our clients. Revere has decades of combined experience developing tax compliance systems for entities such as hedge funds, partnerships, private equity firms, asset managers, REITs etc. These solutions include book to tax solutions, apportionment and allocation systems.

Reporting and forecasting solutions

Recent breakthroughs in big data technology allows organizations to build much needed data analytical platform to better understand the “facts" and also to focus on forecasting solutions. Revere has tax technology resources who are experts in big data and understand the financial & tax data streams. Engage us and we will provide high quality, fast performing data analytical solutions tailor made for your needs.